Successful partnership with gloryfy

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For 5 years, gloryfy unbreakable eyewear has been a loyal supporter of Wings for Life. Why unbreakable? Well, both, frame and lenses are literally unbreakable. In the past, Wings for Life received 10 Euro for each Wings for Life sunglasses that were purchased. Now, there is a new special edition of the gloryfy Wings for Life sunglasses available. The customer can also decide how much money of the sales price will be donated to Wings for Life.

We talked to Christoph Egger, founder of gloryfy, and threw a glance at the new Wings for Life sunglasses.   

Christoph, why do you support Wings for Life?   

Egger: Mainly due to a personal reason. Heinz Kinigadner, the founder of Wings for Life, was my childhood hero. We grew up in the same area. Unfortunately, the Kinigadner family had not only big achievements in motorsports but also had to cope with extreme strokes of fate. The spinal cord injuries Heinz’ brother and son suffered hit me hard. So I have a strong motivation to support the foundation.

In addition, I am convinced that both brands fit perfectly together. At gloryfy we love our products, but humans are the real stars for us. Especially those who are able to stay positive after sustaining such injuries – they are unbreakable.  

When did you start to support Wings for Life?

Egger: As soon as our product came on the market. That was in 2009. Wings for Life was our first partnership.

Tell us a bit about the new Wings for Life edition.

Egger: The DeJaVu Wings for Life sunglasses are part of our lifestyle collection. They combine a classic, fashionable shape with a sports edge. Although the frame is filigree it is durable and unbreakable.

You can purchase your own DejaVu Wings for Life special edition sunglasses here.