2014: Start of a global movement

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As Wings for Life turns 10, we take a look back at what has happened over the years at Wings for Life. Today our retrospective takes us to the Year 2014.

At precisely 10am UTC
… on May 4th, the Wings for Life World Run kicked off with simultaneous starts on 34 routes in 32 countries on 6 continents.

Under the banner slogan
… “Running for those who can’t”, 35,397 participants hit the roads together in the first-ever global race with the aim of raising funds for spinal cord research.  

The remarkable feature
… of the Wings for Life World Run were the “Catcher Cars”, which were chasing the runners from behind. When a Catcher Car passed a runner, their race was over.

A huge Thank you
… to all participants, volunteers, sponsors and everybody else who made this event possible! You are awesome.  

In science
… we also made progress. The number of funded research projects grew from 82 to 110.

One fascinating project
… has been executed in cooperation between a German and a Swedish University. The scientists try to reprogram specific cells, which are responsible for building the glial scar after spinal cord injury. In doing so, they try to achieve two targets. On the one side, the scar should be minimized as it blocks the axon regeneration. On the other side, it should help to reproduce the important Myelin which is essential for a proper functioning of the nervous system.

What else
... happened: The Cord Club took place for the second time, as did the European Neurotrauma School for PHD students. We organized the 6th scientific meeting, started our fundraising platform and were delighted about the outstanding support we achieved.
But the best thing
… is that the year is not over yet.

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