2013: Another successful year

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As Wings for Life turns 10, we take a look back at what has happened over the years. Today our retrospective takes us to the Year 2013.

31 research projects
... were financed 2013. The total number now is 82.

The Project EMSCI
... conducted by Armin Curt from Balgrist was supported for the 3rd time in 2013. EMSCI consists of a network of 19 spinal cord injury centers in 7 European countries. It records functional results of spinal cord injured patients such as their neurological progress during the rehabilitation. This knowledge is essential for evaluating and optimizing rehabilitation procedures as well as for proper planning clinical studies

The kickoff
... of the 1st Cord Club charity gala in London took place in London 2013. The charity event was organized by our British Wings for Life colleagues and was a great success. Around 200 prominent guests attended the event at London’s most desirable location, One Marylebone, and raised 215,000 Euros together for spinal cord research.

Another milestone
... for spinal cord research was achieved: Neuralstem, an American company, received approval from the FDA to conduct their clinical trial phase I using neural stem cells to treat chronic patients.

A 26-minute TV documentary
... about Wings for Life titled “Fate doesn’t ask“ was produced by Mediengesellschaft Wien. Here is a short clip: vimeo.com/76422885

An auction
... at the reputable British auction house Bonham’s saw three helmets by Sebastian Vettel and Marc Webber auctioned off to the highest bidder raising a total of  90,000 Euros for spinal cord research.

What else
... happened: We organized our third “Gipfeltreffen” charity dinner, sent out 1,122 Thank you letters to our loyal supporters; hard work went into the preparations of the Wings for Life World Run, we again attended the SCOPE-Workshop; reached 22.000 supporters on Facebook; read 31 new publications in which WFL was acknowledged and welcomed two new team members to the foundation.

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