2012: Breaking records

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As Wings for Life turns 10, we take a look back at what has happened over the years. Today our retrospective takes us to the Year 2012.

The first European Neurotrauma School for Young Researchers
... was a communal project between Wings for Life and the British foundation ISRT and took place in London. PhD students as well as experienced researchers spent a week together discussing and looking at possible new solutions at finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

More pre-clinical studies
... showed that when treatment with the drug Minocycline is administered early enough to patients with spinal cord injury less tissue damage (secondary damage) occurs. The result is that the patients are able to preserve many more functions that would otherwise have been lost.

The start of the clinical trail
... using Schwann cells took place in the USA. The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis received FDA approval for a phase I trial in which the safety of transplantation of Schwann cells for the treatment of spinal cord injury (safety study) was to be determined and tested. Schwann cells form the myelin sheath of the peripheral nerves, promote the re-growth of peripheral nerve fibers after injury, allowing them to be used therapeutically in spinal cord injury.

An Imaging workshop
... was organized by Jan Schwab at the 51st ISCoS conference. The workshop’s main topic was imaging techniques in the field of spinal cord research. To date, there is a lack of non-invasive imaging techniques to make nerve fiber growth visible. Therefore, the success of a therapy can only be measured on the basis of functional changes (e.g. muscle strength). It is necessary therefore, for a change to take place allowing clinical trials to be evaluated in a correct and accurate way.

The fundraising event “Faces for Charity”
... by Red Bull Racing after its success in 2007 took place a second time and raised 1 Million Euros for spinal cord research.

Due to the worldwide attention
... Wings for Life received grant applications also from remote countries. Processing 144 applications was a logistical and time consuming challenge as each application has to be firstly appraised by at least two impartial and independent reviewers.

The single highest donation
... of 100.000 Euro delights our new finance manager.

At the 7. Kini Fullgas Day
...  80.000 Euro were donated by guests.

The preparations
... for the Wings for Life World Run began.

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