2009: Working together

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As Wings for Life turns 10, we take a look back at what has happened over the years. Today our retrospective takes us to the Year 2009.

The influence of immune cells
... on neuroprotection was discovered by Phillip G. Popovich and published in the Journal of Neuroscience – another scientific milestone. Popovich was able to demonstrate that the involvement of the immune system in the treatment of spinal cord injury can be a double-edged sword: certain immune cells can either cause neurotoxicity (bad) or support regeneration (good) depending on the subtype of the cell.

At the ISCoS-Conference
... in Florence a seminar on the topic “Prevention“ was sponsored by Wings For Life.

The tolerance and safety study
... regarding the use of the medication Riluzole, which is used to treat acute spinal cord injury, started. This study was supported by our friends, the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.

815 Thank-you notes
... were folded and sent off to our growing number of supporting donors.

34 research projects
... were financed so far.

13 publications  
... appeared in magazines like Neuron, Nature Review Neurology and Nature Review Neuroscience.

The British Foundation
... International Spinal Research Trust invited us to a conference – the beginning of a long lasting collaboration between us.

We are invited to SCOPE
... an initiative whose aim is the improvement of clinical studies.

We welcome
... Wolfgang Illek into the Wings for Life team.

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