The world will run for those who can’t

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On May 4, 2014 one of the biggest – and most unique – running events ever staged will take place: the whole world will be the venue for the ‘Wings for Life World Run’.

Everything will be different with the Wings for Life World Run: the whole spectrum of athletes from part-time joggers and amateurs to professional athletes can take part; the race has no fixed distance and every runner will start at precisely the same time. Never in sporting history has an event like this been undertaken.

Thousands of runners will set off on May 4, 2014 at 10am UTC along routes in up to 40 different locations on five continents in varying light and weather conditions. Runners in California will start at 3am local time while competitors in Germany will set off at midday, people in Taiwan have a 6pm start and for runners in New Zealand it will be 9pm.

And all the money raised through registration and sponsorship will go directly to spinal cord research. This is an amazing chance for the whole world to get involved in what we do – either by running themselves or by supporting those who are out on track.


Our CEO Anita Gerhardter on how this unique concept came about: “Originally, it was the idea of two sport and event specialists from Austria. We were very excited when they introduced the concept of ‘running for those who can’t’ to us because this is a fantastic way to raise funds and awareness for our cause on a global scale.”

She further states: “This event will help to accelerate scientific progress. Advancement in spinal cord research is largely based on private initiatives and, through the Wings for Life World Run, we will raise much needed funds. Also, it will bring global attention to the cause itself. Spinal cord injury is a severe condition and it can happen to anyone.”

There has never been a race like it. There is no traditional static finish line, but competitors will run in front of an advancing ‘catcher car’, every car governed by the single, global race schedule. Half an hour after the runners start, the catcher car at every race will begin behind them at a set speed. Once a catcher car overtakes a runner their race is over. This will continue until there’s one male and one female athlete in the world left running. Only they will be crowned Wings for Life World Run Champion.

Among those taking part will be surf icon Robby Naish, ex-Formula One driver David Coulthard, racing legend Eddie Jordan, former Alpine skier Luc Alphand, the Earl of Shaftesbury Nick Ashley-Cooper, Iron Man Marc Herremans, triathlete Kate Allen, long-distance runner Sabrina Mockenhaupt, Polish running guru Jerzy Skarzynski and many other sporting heroes, who have all volunteered to be event ambassadors.  

So, how can you get involved? Well, if you fancy running, then register here or if you’d like to know more about the run, where you can run and how you can get involved then check out

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