Skier Hans Knauß and footballer Andreas Ulmer solicit the Wings for Life World Run.
Skier Hans Knauß and footballer Andreas Ulmer solicit the Wings for Life World Run. 

Fundraising of all Varieties

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We are lucky to have seen a wide range of fundraising activities recently from selling second-hand furniture, to bake sales, all donating funds to spinal cord research.

Football fan fever
On 22nd November Red Bull FC, Salzburg met SK Sturm Graz, Styria and transformed the national division duel into a match for a good cause. Just short of 10,000 visitors followed the 3:1 win to the Red Bulls. One euro of each ticket sold has been donated to Wings for Life and the Red Bull Football Club kindly brought the figure to a total of 10,500 Euro (£7.426)

Vintage items sold as donations
In November the Austrian Red Bull Motorsports team hosted a garage-sale in favor of Wings for Life. Furniture, mirrors and chairs were set out for sale in a community hall raising 15,335 Euro (£10.845). 

Running for research
Markus was left paralyzed after an accident that occurred nine years ago. His friends took part at a Krampuslauf, an Austrian tradition of running to chase away ghosts. They donated 1,000 Euro (£707,20) for spinal cord research.

Cooking up a treat 
Helen Bennett took on the Great South Run for Wings for Life and has set up a continuing fundraising page so that she can keep collecting donations for the run and a cookbook which she is working hard on at this very moment.

Thank you so much for these imaginative events – every euro counts and 100% goes towards to spinal cord research.
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