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Wings for Life World Run Internship

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The Wings for Life World Run is a running and wheelchair event which takes place all over the world. 2016 will see the third Wings for Life World Run on 8th May with the UK race moving to Cambridge. 

The Wings for Life World Run offers a totally new experience. It is a global running and wheelchair race with a unique concept - there is no finish line. Participants in 34 locations worldwide start at exactly the same time and race for as long as they can. The race ends when the last person is caught by the Catcher Car, which will set off thirty minutes after the race starts, and speeds up gradually until everyone is caught. The Global Champions are the last man and woman worldwide to be passed by the Catcher Car. Each country will have a national champion and everyone who takes part is a winner.

Racing in England and Ireland 
The UK race has been at Silverstone for the last two years, and 2016 takes it to an exciting new location. Participants will race through the breathtaking and historical centre of Cambridge before heading out to the flat Fens surrounding the city.

The Irish race will start in Dún Laoghaire town centre, and will journey south towards Bray and Greystones and into the beautiful scenery of the Wicklow Mountains.

The event is crucial in raising funds for spinal cord research and in the last two years has raised two and four million euros worldwide respectively. We want to surpass this significantly in 2016 and to increase participant numbers to 3500 in the UK and 3000 in Ireland. This internship will be essential in enabling us to achieve these goals.

Wings for Life World Run Internship
This role will contribute to and support the activities of the Wings for Life World Run fundraising and recruitment campaign, and will require working at the event itself. The Primary aim will be to drive sign ups for the Wings for Life World Run in Cambridge, the target for the race is 3500.

You will be expected to:

  • Build a clear plan on how you will deliver sign ups in the area local to Cambridge
  • Drive sign ups with local business and organisations
  • Drive sign ups with sports and students societies across the region
  • Target wheelchair athletes and sports groups for sign ups
  • Co-ordinate with local student brand managers to ensure maximum on the ground recruitment
  • Put together and send out fundraising packs
  • Support the fundraising campaign

Support with a range of pre-event management tasks including supporter communications:

  • Support Community & Events Manager and Corporate Fundraising Manager with the delivery of their roles and projects
  • Assist with supporter relationship management
  • Be part of the team for the event itself. This will involve full weekend working over 7th to 8th May.

Skills and experience required

  • Show excellent organisational skills
  • Be a confident communicator both written and face-to-face
  • Be capable of self-management and be driven to achieve goals
  • Be able to maintain good working relationships and enjoy working as a team
  • Be able to use your own initiative
  • Be passionate about the charity sector and the Wings for Life cause
  • Work with strong attention to detail
  • Have excellent IT skills
  • Demonstrate a positive outlook
  • Be flexible in your approach to work

Experience gained
Through this role you will have the opportunity to gain key skills and experience, relevant to the events industry and the charity sector including:

  • Event delivery skills
  • Project management skills
  • Verbal & written communications skills
  • Relationship management skills
  • Innovation and ideas generation
  • Research and analysis skills
  • Knowledge of charity sector and corporate social responsibility
  • Administration Skills

To apply: Please send your CV and covering letter to Rebecca.Holt@wingsforlife.com before 5pm on 3rd December 2015. We will look forward to hearing from you :-)